Tuesday Classes @ O'Dance Club

Bachata Kizomba, O'Dance team is there for you during your favorite dance classes!

First lesson : tuesday 12/09

Bachata: Born in the Dominican Republic, it has sensuality written all over. The music is mellow and leaves plenty space for emotions to flow. Easily accessible at first, it then allows you to explore its musical depth thanks to a tight footwork and a precise leading. Bachata will win you over step by step and song after song!

Kizomba: Coming all the way from Angola, it expresses the African vibes with a hint of Caribbean zouk and tango. The music is often characterized by a slow pace and a strong beat with a melody that gives off a sensual touch. Look no further for alluring rythms, proximity and intensity!

Scroll down for our lesson shedules to attend a lesson or more. If you want more information about the lessons or anything else,...just send us an e-mail, we will be happy to help you. info@odanceevents.com

O'Dance Classes

Dance Class Teacher Room
Tuesday | 19h - 20h Bachata Level 0/1 Mike'O & Team 1
Tuesday | 20h - 21h Bachata Level 2 Sensual Touch Mike'O & Team 1
Tuesday | 21h - 22h Kizomba Mike'O & Team 1
Location: 1, RUE MONTOYER - 1000 Bruxelles Métro Trône