Valid 12 weeks from the subscription day (only for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday classes)

bank transfer cash per lesson
1 lesson 12,00€ 12,00€
1 lesson with discount * 10,00€ 10,00€
10 lessons 100,00€ 110,00€ 10,00€ / 11,00€
10 lessons with discount * 80,00€ 8,00€
20 lessons 180,00€ 190,00€ 9,00€ / 9,50€
30 lessons 240,00€ 250,00€ 8,00€ / 8,33€

Discount: for students, retired and unemployed persons (subject to presentation of a certificate)

Annual subscriptions

Price per person. Valid from september until june.

bank transfer per lesson
1 lesson/week 345,00€ 9,08€
2 lessons/week 620,00€ 8,16€
3 lessons/week 800,00€ 7,02€
4 lesson/week 900,00€ 5,92€

Details about subscriptions cards


One card of 20 lessons is valid for 2 distinct lessons (on the same day or allocated within the week).

 One card of 30 lessons is valid for 3 distinct lessons (on the same day or allocated within the week).

The validity period may be extended in the following cases:

·         During annual vacation of O’Dance school

·         After an exceptional cancellation of the course

·         Because of sickness or accident, only by presentation of a certificate

The card shall not be extended in the following cases:

·         because of personal holidays or travelling during the validity period of your card. We recommend in this case to pay single lesson as they come before your departure and then to buy a subscription card after your return.

·         Because of the destruction of your card

·         After the expiration date of the subscription

In the event you lose your card, please report at the reception and we will give you a duplicate (5€ for fee administration).

Bank transfer to :

O'Dance Events SPRL

IBAN : BE 54 3101 4771 2797


Communication: Your name + day, hour and lessons’ title (with level indicated)

Please send us an e-mail to inform us about your bank transfer at Please bring a proof of payment to the lesson to receive your card