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Met Mike O en zijn Team

Cuban Salsa, Salsa L.A., Zumba Fitness, Bachata, Kizomba, Lindy-Hop,...

for all ages

Would you like to find a beautiful and inspiring new hobby, to improve your fitness and reduce the daily stress?  Welcome to join our dance classes! O’DANCE CLASSES FOR BEGINNERS AND PRO’S and everything in between, are designed to make your learning experience FUN & EASY. Have a look at our variety of dance programs. 

Private lessons are also possible. 

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Special Demo Show & Initiation

O'Dance Fiesta

O'Dance team is really happy to welcome you in our univers.

We have a special program for dancers and beginners. Invite your friends to do their first steps of salsa this 28th June at 9pm. 

7pm -  3 rooms: Salsa, Chacha, Bachata

8pm - 4 rooms:  Salsa 3, Salsa 2, Bachata intermédiaire, Kizomba intermédiaire

9pm - rooms: Party, Initiation Salsa/Bachata, Kizomba débutant

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