Why O'Dance Events

The aim of O'Dance Events is to promote the dance as an artistic practice that brings physical and psychological benefits, as well as the interaction with people of different ages, cultures and social classes.

A common thread that binds the members of the O’Dance Events team is the passion for the art of the dance, accompanied by a profound respect for the human being and openness towards the others.

While our professional choices were very diverse at the base, they have naturally converged towards the common objective of developing, through the dance, an artistic approach that integrates body, mind, finding oneself and meeting the other. Enriched by different university backgrounds, in management, communication, and psychology, our O'Dance Events team puts all the tools acquired through different backgrounds, as well as its dynamism at the service of the dance.

Located in the heart of the Brussels, in a unique and elegant setting, our school welcomes a multicultural public, from various international institutions and backgrounds. In the same evening, you can hear no less than a dozen different spoken languages and you can meet and interact with people of different ages, cultures and social classes, through the common pleasure of the dance.

Couple dances promote sharing our presence with a partner by creating a common language. Achieving a good connection with the partner, through the movement, opens a door to collective creativity.

As shown in the oldest mural painting and writings, man has always had a privileged relationship with dance. Dance accompanies human life in its most important and significant moments: birth, childhood, adolescence, marriage, healing, etc

Dance has a universal dimension. As the psychotherapist France Schott-Billmann explains, dance connects us with our most fundamental roots and primitive life forces ... Music and dance ... awaken and enter into resonance ... this universe that pulsates in us without finding a language. (Paris, 1992)

The benefits of the dance affect the overall development of the individual, physical and psychological. Beyond the psychological pleasure and the fun that dancing brings, at the physical level, dancing improves the balance and the coordination of the body movements, by working also on the breathing.

The beneficial effects that dancing has on the brain have been scientifically proved in several studies. According to a study by Kattenstroth et al. (2013), for instance, practicing dance for 6 months enhances postural, motor and cognitive performance in elderly people. Dance improves self-confidence, self-expression and self-esteem. It is a way to release tensions, anxiety and stress. Ideal activity for teambuilding, dance helps in learning to listening to the others and working in team.

Being part of a dance community is an excellent mean of fighting isolation, monotony and routine that daily life may have. It is a social activity, which allows the meet other people and it is for everybody, with no age limits.