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Special Workshop Salsa ON1 & Salsa ON2

Saturday 27 April for your enjoyment Special Workshop salsa 0n1 & 0n2

Come and excel in your favourite style of SALSA, coached by TOP Belgium Salsa Instructors.
An event not to be missed, Que Viva La SALSA!!!


14h-15h30 : Salsa on1 inter/advance
16h-17h30 : Salsa on2 inter
On the programme: technique, shines & partnerwork, all in a fun and professional atmosphere

Special collaboration
Mike O’Dance (Bruxelles)
Willy Salsaga (Anvers)
Mélody Kingstone (Namur )
Eva LadiesStyling (Bruxelles)

Come and share your passion for salsa with these 4 crazy teachers in this "Special Workshop".
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For 1h30 = €20
For 3 hours = €30

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