Special for Dance Teachers



Would you like to become a dance teacher or improve your experience ?

  • Dance teachers are artists in their own right. But being an artist is not enough to teach.
  • If dance teachers love dance, they know above all how to make their pupils love it.
  • He's a teacher with an impressive musical and choreographic culture. They have great adaptability skills, which they put to good use in the pursuit of their passion: teaching.

Do you love dance and want to share your passion but don't feel ready to take the plunge, or would you like to improve your skills ?

  • O'DANCE School offers you the chance to make your dreams come true with professional coaching from Mr Mike O. and his 25 years of experience.
  • Several regional and international teachers have passed through Mike O.'s hands.

Participation criteria

  • Ambitious
  • Motivated
  • Intermediate/advanced level

Training objective

  • Enriching teamwork and pedagogical coherence
  • Reinforce professional dance practices, new dynamic, generate enthusiasm, interdisciplinary, structurally installed
  • Precise reference framework: clarification, harmonisation of practices, division into units, validation of skills acquired by teaching unit, regular formative assessment during the course
  • Well-defined objectives
  • Follow-up during a training period in our various infastructures

Each module consists of 3 stages

  • An information day (Administrative) on Friday
  • Two days of training (Practical) at the weekend
  • A 2-month immersion training period (Integral cooperation "Collective sharing")


The dates of forthcoming sessions will be announced at a later date

Session Timetable

- 5pm to 7pm Information, rules and guidelines for the course.
- 10am to 1pm Lessons
- 1pm to 2pm Lunch break (on-site catering)
- 2pm to 6pm Lessons
- 6pm End of the first part of the module.
- 10am to 1pm Lessons
- 1pm to 2pm Lunch break (on-site catering)
- 2pm to 6pm Lessons
- 6pm End of course + assessment and award of certificate.
- 6pm Drink


Rates on request by email or telephone

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Location: O' Dance Studio : Av. de la Basilique 14, 1082 Berchem St Agathe (B. Sports Health)