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Weekly programme

Every week at O'Dance


Laughing, having fun, moving, boosting up after work and having a good time with friends, colleagues... it's possible!

Come and take part in the dance classes organised every day at Studio O'Dance.


Monday: programme under preparation


Tuesday: Salsa & Bachata

7pm - 8pm: Salsa Silver (Beginners - NEW SESSION)
8pm - 9pm: Salsa Gold (Intermediates)

8pm - 9pm: Bachata Silver (Beginners - NEW SESSION)        (Fitness Room)
9pm - 10pm: Bachata Gold (Intermediates)

Wednesday: BACHATA Intense

BACHATA Intense Training and technical Inter/Advance
Wednesdays from 7pm to 10pm
Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Prior registration required
Intense Training courses run for a fixed period of 3 months and are available by appointment only, once the student's application has been accepted.

Thursday: Salsa ON 2

From 18 January 2024
(Prior registration required)

7pm -  8pm: Salsa ON 2 Shines
8pm -  9pm: Salsa ON 2 Partnerwork
9pm - 10pm: Salsa ON 2 Social Mambo

Friday: programme under preparation

The address: O'Dance Studio

Avenue de la Basilique 14, 1082 Berchem St Agathe

Location: Avenue de la Basilique 14, 1082 Berchem St Agathe